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Department of Education
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
Technical Support for Assessment of Management and Ancillary Activities of NIDRR

This task order contract required CESSI perform a wide range of technical and support activities for NIDRR, including data collection and analysis, literature reviews, issue analysis and reports, program management evaluation, conference planning and support, and development of information and database systems. Task orders completed for NIDRR ranged from the design and implementation of a peer review database, analysis of a standing panel peer review model for NIDRR, analysis of intellectual property issues related to technology transfer, support for the development of NIDRR’s Long-Range Plan, outreach and networking with disability experts, and numerous meetings and conferences. Two major tasks were the Design and Conduct of the Program Review Process and Technical Support for the Interagency Committee on Disability Research (ICDR).

Program Review was designed to assess the level of grantee excellence in administration, scientific rigor, relevance and productivity, and capacity building. The reviews were organized as face-to-face meetings using an expert review model. About 50 sessions with currently funded grantees were conducted each year. CESSI completed the following activities in support of this process:

  • Developed participant orientation materials
  • Maintained accessible website and provide technical assistance in the use of the site
  • Maintained database of program review experts and identify and invite expert reviewers
  • Arranged logistics and provide on-site meeting support
  • Prepared reports on the results of each review
  • Prepared analyses of evaluation results on a programmatic level

The mission of the ICDR is to promote coordination and cooperation among Federal departments and agencies conducting rehabilitation research programs. The Director of NIDRR is the designated chair. In support of NIDRR and the ICDR, each year CESSI staff arranged and conducted quarterly meetings of the ICDR and meetings of the Subcommittees on Disability Statistics, Medical Rehabilitation, and Technology. An Internet “gateway” for federally funded disability research was under development and staff prepares reports to Congress and other reports as needed. CESSI continues to support the ICDR under a new contract.

CESSI staff also completed literature reviews, focus groups and surveys, and analyses to prepare a reports entitled Strategy for the Development and Transfer of Assistive Technology and Universal Design: Report of the ICDR in Response to the Presidential Executive Memorandum of July 25, 2000 within 120 days.

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