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Disability Policy
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Disability Policy and Services

Department of Labor
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Employer Assistance Referral Network
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The Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network (EARN) is a nationwide program to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. EARN offers two free services for employers: technical assistance to help employers understand the business case and practical approaches for integrating people with disabilities into their workplace, and recruiting services to help employers find qualified job candidates with disabilities.

Success of EARN/TTH is based on the principles of supply and demand. On the supply side, CESSI works with ENs, recruits providers to sign up with EARN, and, most recently, recruits people with disabilities to apply for EARN jobs. On the demand side, CESSI educates, trains, and assists employers in establishing policies and procedures and in recruiting and hiring qualified candidates with disabilities.

CESSI has broadened EARN’s nationwide network of disability employment service providers through increased marketing efforts. We have created materials for a Web site and distributed a monthly newsletter explaining EARN’s services and giving access to disability employment resources.  

Our recruiting techniques include participation at conferences and meetings, working through partnerships with established organization and direct contact. We maintain extensive lists of providers obtained through our work in the field that will be available to support EN recruitment under the PMRO.

EARN has more than doubled the number of service providers in its nationwide network since CESSI began managing EARN. Since January 2004, 2,874 new providers began participating with EARN. As of June 2005, more than 4,700 providers were enrolled with EARN.  

CESSI completed a Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities. This effort involved researching and developing two business cases: one relevant to private-sector employers and one for Federal employers. The business cases reflect current research and studies as well as employer experience and input. Key points of the business case are supported by a number of citations, including research studies, news articles, and other materials. The Business Cases reside on the EARN Web site (

In addition to smooth program operations and accelerated growth of the program, CESSI has met ODEP goals for supporting research activities through development of employer surveys, conducting employer focus groups, initiating industry-specific research, and mining program data to support ODEP activities.

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